Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Public Opinion - 1 : European Union

European Union

It has always been an Utopia- sortie for Indians like me, for we always associate liberal ideals and ethical fairness with the word 'Europe'.

Right from the start of the millennium, EU has always been in news, world over , with its Unitary currency Euro coming into global basket of currencies.

Being a coin collector, I still can remember the frenetic pace at which the demand for Marks, Francs increased in the years to come, for they had adopted Euro.

Cut the story short, now EU is in news for all the wrong reasons like skeptics questioning the stability of EU itself, rise in unemployment numbers, re-emergence of Nazi- like parties in Greece (Rise of the Greek neo-Nazis: Ultra-right party Golden Dawn wants to force immigrants into work camps and plant landmines along Turkish border ).

Along with above said, the divide between Northern countries ( Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands ) and Southern countries ( Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal ) is fast increasing .

With Germany performing better than the rest of the Europe, people have started to harp the old tunes of supposed German supremacy and wildly imaginary tales of Germany trying to impose hard austerity measures over errant countries.

But contrary to the widespread view, public view in Europe is vastly different from what we would have imagined.

Here are the conclusions that have come out of a study by Pew Research Global Attitudes project. 

1. The faith in common currency Euro is unshaken

2. People are willing to accept austerity measures to reduce public debts.

3.  Contrary to the supposed belief, it is the French who are increasingly disillusioned with the current state of economy

And most of all People believe that Germany is the most trustworthy nation

Wish European Union emerge stronger from the ensuing crises. 

Source : The New Sick Man of Europe: the European Union

Changing Europe : George Friedman from Stratfor , here to talk on how Geography shapes everything that we know. One man to hear, to know how Geo-politics shapes the world we live in . Here he explains Why Europe is in brink of collapse.

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