Monday, 1 July 2013

Inter- Web : 02

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With Inter-Web : 01 , focusing more on diverse topics, felt it would be better to focus on few issues in each capsule. 

Before we start with the capsule lets pay homage for a second to this futurist who predicted the rise of the Internet we know of. 

James Martin dies at 79; futurist who predicted the rise of the Internet. In 1978's 'The Wired Society,' Martin saw a planet networked by computers. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Since 2005, he donated more than $150 million to the University of Oxford.

Here is a set of articles on issues that is slowly gathering steam in terms of social media discussions. 

 Riots in Brazil : Brazil , when he hear this name, 3 things come into our mind. Football, Football and Football. We have always known it to be a country with insatiable football craze. Could anyone would have imagined that millions would turn up on streets to protest against the World Cup that is going to happen in their own country. 

Millions turned up in every major city of Brazil and the riot wasn't just about World Cup. It was a reason for people to protest against running inflation, lack of public infrastructure and contracting economy. 

Here is a piece by Luiz Felipe Lampreia , a former foreign minister of Brazil (1995-2001) on the background of Brazil riots which is just not about Football World Cup. 

Exhausted Brazil by Luiz Felipe Lampreia

Brazil Protests: The Craziest Photos & Vines (with images, tweet) · thedailybeast

Prime Minister of India : With India, facing a next General election soon, there is a clear divide in public opinion on who should be the next Prime Minister. Though people have been tired of a decade of rule by Congress , there is a clear majority who doesn't want this person to assume the mantle of Prime minister of India. The Man is Mr. Narendra Modi,who has served consecutive three terms as chief minister of Gujarat, an Indian State known for its recent advances in Overall infrastructure and Investment climate. 

So here is a piece by a noted Historian , Ramachandra Guha on this personality , Mr. Narendra Modi.
The man who would rule India

Latest Buzz on Snow Den : A piece on why China and Russia behaved in way that they were never expected to . When the whole world expected China and Russia to give protection to Snow Den , a defector and whistleblower from NSA ( National Security Agency ), they didn't do the same.

Squeal Like a Pig - By James Traub

Is GDP - a real measure : Here is a piece on why GDP isn't a real measure of well being of a country's citizens nor economic growth. The example with which the article started off was interesting . // The 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – with clean-up and damage costs of $90 billion – added about $300 to the average American’s “income.” But it added nothing to our well-being. The world’s most expensive prison system, costing almost $40 billion per year, adds another $125 per person. This doesn’t make us better-off than people living in countries that don’t incarcerate one in every 100 adults. //

Limits to Growth - of What?

Lets finish this capsule with these imposing images on the fast disappearing tribes of the world we are living in by British photographer, Jimmy Nelson. These images are from his latest book ,  Before They Pass Away . 

Before They Pass Away - An FP Slideshow

Wish to hear your views on the content here. Criticism and Debate on the above topics are most welcome.