Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Big Business

Hi people.

Here is an intriguing plot about net sales of a product in the state of Tamilnadu .

Why not Guess ?

Let me give you hints.

  • The revenue accounts as 'the' major resource for State Government to implement it's popular social programs
  • The State stands first in sales of this particular commodity in India. ( Wondering if it can be categorized as commodity !! )
  • The YoY ( year on year ) increase in sales ranges from 20 - 25 %
  • The workers who are involved in sales sadly doesn't reap the benefits and work in some of the most inhuman conditions. 
Let me cut short the hints here. The above is the gross revenue for Tamil Nadu Government through sales of Liquor in State by Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation ( popularly known as TASMAC, which sadly markets only Liquor ).

The sales was mind numbing 3 Billion dollars per Year on year 2011-12.

For all who wish to bring prohibition in state, this revenue data should show that it is increasingly difficult to implement a 'Prohibition' ,  for a vast percentage of population has already got into drinking. And prohibition may lead to systemic problem of hooch ( illegally distilled alcohol ) and smuggling, as Tamil Nadu has its own fair share of tragic incidents with people losing their eye sight and lives.

Prohibition, may also result in re-emergence of Liquor Mafias which thrive on restrictive government policies.

Now the big Question is , " Is it time for the Government to think about providing after-sales service for its consumers by opening De-Addiction and Rehabilitation centers across the state ".

It makes business sense too. ( To lose its customers to alcoholism and treasury money in hefty state sponsored medical insurances because of its own product, not a wise idea indeed ).

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