Thursday, 28 March 2013

When Google became Fortune Teller : Visualizing Future

Google Public Data has interesting data-sets and provides us with tools to visualize data and play around with.

When I stumbled across this particular data-set from Pardee Center for International Futures, it indeed  made me feel like a 'Tri-Kaala Muni', who can visualize future.

Quite a visual treat !!!

So here are the series of news.

India would be surpassing US , in terms of GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) at PPP i.e purchasing power by 2042.
The Annual carbon emissions in India would surpass China and U.S by  2040-2050.
Population in India would surpass China by 2027.
India would be achieving a rapid decrease in poverty in the time period of 2015-2050.
Anti-Corruption movement is indeed going to stay long, for the public mood isn't going to change even in 2060
Mixed feelings indeed.

Yet the best part is , Google has become our Fortune teller with Boom-Boom Maadu.

" Nalla Kaalam Porak-kattum , Nalla Kaalam Porak-kattum".

For more data-sets and visualization, check out Google Public Data .

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