Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Inter-Web : 01

With the declining editorial standards in Indian Newspapers and the lack of importance that they give to well written pieces on the issues that could change the world we live in , felt this platform could be a way to curate interesting content across the Web. 

The links shared here would always accompany a small note to have an idea of what to expect from the article. 

So lets start with the first capsule of Inter-Web. 

A Riveting essay by celebrated Historian, William Dalrymple about Afghanistan. Here he throws light on a not-well known paradigm on Afghan issue, that is the proxy war between India and Pakistan. With U.S contemplating upon leaving Afghanistan , he looks at India, Pakistan and Afghanistan as a Deadly Triangle and forwards this conjecture based on real accounts.

People are always intrigued on why there are no pure forms of Capitalist or Socialists governments across the globe. Here is a short talk by Dr. Stephen Hicks on Philosophy and the Evolution of the Mixed Economy .

Here, is a Op-Ed by Noble Laureate Amartya Sen on a much debated topic on why India is trailing China for so long and is there a possibility for India to bypass its limitations.

An article on how Barter system made its comeback in Argentina, when it was hit by an economic crisis in 2001-02. Truly remarkable read for it shows how a society creates alternate financial instruments when an existing system is unreliable or in verge of collapse.

And coming back to the present world, here is one technology that is creating so much buzz. Yes. The 3-D printing .

Liver transplants are very complex and usually the constraint is not the technical ability of the doctor but the availability of donors. What if some one say, "Sir, Your Liver Is Ready and it just got Printed ". Enter the world of 3-D printers which are enabled by some awesome Engineering from a startup called "Organovo" and CAD software from Autodesk to Design, 3-D Print Living Tissue.

Hope you all enjoyed the first capsule of Inter-Web. 

See you on next Inter-Web. 

Looking forward for your views.

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