Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stars of You Tube- Burning Star , Simple Super Star and What not : 01

India has always been a nation obsessed with movies. More movies get produced here than any other nation and its known for the sheer diversity of regional language movies that make up Indian Movie Industry.

Historically it has always been Real Estate Barons or political wannabes who enter movie industry for the publicity it gives. But it had always been a costly affair before.

With the emergence of Digital cinematography and digital screening , it has become easier for them to use this opportunity to forward their single minded ambition.

That is to appear on screen. Yes , just that. 

So here are the stars you would never get to watch in real theaters for they seek to remain Stars of You Tube. 

Here comes our Master Class Simple Superstar Wilbur Sarguna Raj and Dancing King Sam Anderson .

From the Bad lands of Andhra , here comes Burning Super Star, Sampoornesh Babu.
A Man who has given us a very forgettable movie , Desh Drohi ( Traitor of the State ). A man who has named himself as KRK after super popular King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. 
Once a part of Mainstream Cinema now transformed himself as the man of Action, Village Superstar , Mr. Ramarajan
And how can we end the list of wacky Super Stars, without quoting Our Power Star.
Going by the movie releases happening, am sure this list is here to continue.

Look for more wacky videos in this space.
Cheers !!!!

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