Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Last Concert - Is this a start to many Ends?

Citizen of any nation always have a love and hate relationship with its public broadcaster, say BBC or France Televisions or even Door darshan. But one thing that no one could stand is bringing down the broadcaster itself.

Imagine, you are watching TV on a fine evening and suddenly the transmission gets interrupted by a public service announcement. And it says "Sorry Folks! From tomorrow the National television Network you are seeing cease to exist ". What would be our reaction in spite of our grumblings towards abysmal content they provide.

The Reaction would be 'Explosive' and that's what Greeks are expressing on streets.

By the way, why are they giving a performance with teary eyes that does make our soul stir a bit ?

Because, it is probably the last time they are going to perform before a National Audience in a Public Broadcast Network.

In view of austerity measures which the Greece government has been taking over months, here is the next blow. The Closure of Public Broadcaster. 

The Greek government last week closed the country’s public broadcasting network, ERT and laid off all of its nearly 2,700 employees, among the casualties was the Greek National Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. 

And the announcement was given on the evening just the day before the closure. Hard to believe. Yet true.

With the public broadcaster coming down, is this start of many ends which the citizens of Greece are going to face. 

Open Appeal :

// Dear colleagues, fellow artists, musicians and managerial staff of State Radio Television Broadcasters worldwide,
This is a communication letter from all 3 Music Ensembles of the Greek Radio Television (ERT), which as you already know is now SHUT DOWN after a government decree. As of Tuesday the 11th of June 2013 the “National Symphony Orchestra” (est. 1938), the “Contemporary Music Orchestra” (est. 1954) and the Choir (est. 1977) of ERT have ceased their activities.The new institution that is proposed at the moment from the government there is no room for music whatsoever. Our very existence is at stake. We are asking for help and solidarity in any possible way. It is of the utmost importance to make them understand why a Public Television should include Music Ensembles. We would mostly appreciate a written formal statement of support (in both email and normal post if possible) addressed to the Greek government (Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Culture, Ministry of State, GENERAL SECRETARIAT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION) and to your own respective governments as means of applying pressure for the existence and functioning of the Music Ensembles and ERT in general. A European country’s decision to shut down its national Broadcaster constitutes a major strike against democracy and culture that concerns all of us.
Music Ensembles of European Radio Television traditionally are pillars of civilization.
The unhindered artistic creation and freedom of expression is an essential part of the human existence.
By The Musicians, Choristers and Managerial Staff of the Music Ensembles of ERT
PS. The importance of the situation demands your immediate response
Please communicate every action to the email of the Artistic Director of the Music Ensembles of ERT .

- Mr. Markos Moissidis

Addresses needed

Minister Of State
Dimitrios Stamatis
Post. Address:
Maximos Mansion
19, Herodou Attikou str.
106 74 Athens, Greece
Telephone: (+30) 210 33 85 488
Fax: (+30) 210 33 85 274

Ministry of culture and tourism
Minister: Mr. Kostas Tzavaras
Address: Mpoumpoulinas 20-22, 106 82 Athens
tel: +30 2131322100
fax: +30 210 8201138

Ministry of Finance
Minister: Mr Stournaras Ioannis
Κ. Serbias 10,
105 62 Athens
tel: 210 337 5000 //

Source : 

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